NEVADA CITY, Calif. October 21, 2016 – On November 8th Nevada City residents will be asked to make a very important decision at the ballot box.  That is whether or not to adopt a 3/8ths of a cent sales tax to support Public Safety.

A “YES” vote means that your fire department will be able to maintain a minimum staffing level of two firefighters on the engine, keep response times down and last but not least keep insurance premiums from skyrocketing.  Our Police Department will use the funding to add one additional officer to patrol our downtown and parks.

Because this is a sales tax the entire burden will not be borne by the residents of Nevada City.  Everyday our city’s population almost doubles with people going to work, going to school or going shopping.  This number can sometime triple on the weekends.  It is estimated that two-thirds of the funds raised by this Measure will come from non-residents.  A recent survey done by the City determined that the two greatest areas of concern were that of wildfire and personal safety in our community.

Please vote “YES on Measure C” to give our Public Safety personnel the resources they need to serve you.