GRASS VALLEY, Calif. November 11, 2020 – On Saturday, November 7, at about 11:30 pm, Grass Valley Police Officers observed a vehicle speeding through town. They followed the vehicle as it sped to the hospital where officers learned that a female passenger in the vehicle had sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

In questioning the male driver, officers learned that several individuals had come from out of the area to purchase Marijuana. They met with the sellers in the South Ponderosa Road area. At some point during the transaction, it became apparent that the suspects were using fake money to purchase the Marijuana. A disagreement ensued which led to led to a car chase as the suspects tried to flee the area with the Marijuana. The cars headed towards Grass Valley on Rough-and-Ready Hwy. Near the intersection of West Main Street and Alta Street, one of the suspects fired multiple shots at the pursuing vehicle. One of the rounds struck a female passenger in the head.

In the ensuing 48 hours, Grass Valley Detectives were able to identify vehicles that were driven by the suspects and track them to a hotel in the city of Davis, California.

Yesterday, November 10, Detectives were able to apprehend 7 individuals whom they believe were involved in the drug transaction and shooting. Detectives also recovered a pistol, over 30 lbs of processed Marijuana, and a large stockpile of fake currency.

The 7 individuals were booked for Homicide, Grand Theft, and Criminal Conspiracy.

Throughout the investigation, investigators from the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office worked closely with the Grass Valley Detectives. The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, the Davis Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol assisted in the apprehension of the suspects.

The arrested parties were the following:

  1. William Levise 31 years old – from Dallas TX
  2. Trey Richard 22 years old – from Dallas TX
  3. Ronney Turner 31 years old – from Dallas TX
  4. Juan McHenry 31 years old – from Dallas TX
  5. Devon Jennings 21 years old – from Dallas TX
  6. Laderrick Wynn 20 years old – from Dallas TX
  7. Dakari Harris 22 years old – from Shreveport LA