On Sunday, April 3rd, approximately 3pm our dispatch center received a call reporting gunshots heard in the area of 24000 Restive Way with a female heard screaming.  While deputies were responding, our dispatch center received an additional call from a female reporting her dog had been shot by her neighbors. 

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with all involved parties, including the Wrights who declined any incident or shooting that took place.  Deputies thoroughly searched the property for the deceased dog but were unable to locate it.  Based on the circumstances, detectives from our major crimes unit were called out and requested to obtain a search warrant for the Wright’s property.

During a second interview, Matthew Wright confirmed he shot a poodle twice that was on his property, at which point he was taken into custody without incident.

While units were on scene, our dispatch center received a call reporting a poodle, matching the involved dogs description, to be located a few miles down on Garden Bar Road.  Deputies responded to the area, located the dog, and reunited it with the owners who immediately took the injured dog to a vet.

As deputies were still on the scene awaiting the signed search warrant, Robin Wright returned to the property.  Based on witness statements, Robin was identified as leaving the property with the poodle in her vehicle after the reported shooting.  As a result of the on-scene interview, Robin was placed under arrest.

Both parties were booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.