Sierra Business Council is celebrating Energy Awareness Month this month! We welcome everyone to celebrate by saving energy–and we can help!

Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW)

Sierra Business Council operates the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW), an energy efficiency program funded by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Energy Watch programs are funded by PG&E in order to provide energy efficiency services at the community level. At SNEW, we believe that healthy communities and robust local economies start with reliable energy.

As energy supply costs increase, now is the time to arm critical infrastructure and small businesses with energy efficient equipment and practices.

Now through June 2023, SNEW will be providing FREE energy efficiency consulting and no-cost energy audits for all commercial and public facilities[1].

SNEW has recently helped a public agency save money and energy with lighting retrofits.This project is predicted to save the agency $15,500 in the first year. Small businesses can save, too! One local business is predicted to save $13,000 just by updating lighting and increasing insulation. 

SNEW encourages businesses to take advantage of these free services to lower energy bills, and become greener businesses who can inspire change throughout the community.

If your community is served by PG&E, please motivate your local government to take advantage of SNEW services to lower their energy bills, save taxpayer dollars, and reduce their carbon footprint for a healthier environment.

Contact Sierra Nevada Energy Watch by emailing or calling (530) 582-4800 x605.

To learn more, visit the website

[1] Facilities must have an active PG&E account and be in good financial standing with PG&E to qualify.