Photo: The Sierra College Press

Rocklin, CA March 12, 2019 –  Is it illegal to pick California poppies? Are there any grizzly bears left in California? How come our state rock is poisonous? The state butterfly must certainly be the monarch, right?

Besides publishing books on the history and natural history of the Sierra Nevada, the Sierra College Press also has a variety of original and unique e-Journals that are visited by thousands of on-line students and interested parties monthly.

While the complete collection of California state symbols ranges widely from the California Gray Whale (state marine mammal) to the state fabric (denim), the newest Sierra College Press e-Journal features thirteen symbols that exist in the Sierra Nevada (or once did).  To explore the Golden State’s animal, amphibian, bird, dinosaur, fish, flower, fossil, grass, insect, lichen, mineral, rock and tree you can visit or and browse hundreds of articles and publications written by faculty at Sierra or experts elsewhere on topics from Gold Rush mining techniques to the famed Hetch Hetchy Valley controversy of Yosemite National Park.

The Sierra College Press invites all to take a literary saunter through the Sierra and learn more about California’s famed California poppies, golden trout, red-legged frogs and the giant sequoias, among many other symbols at