September 17, 2020 – The Sierra County Board of Supervisors voted to ban open fires in the unincorporated area of Sierra County. The urgency ordinance prohibits outdoor fires, including campfires, bonfires, pit fires, or any other open flame fire (but excluding propane barbecues used for cooking) on all private lands within the unincorporated area of Sierra County.

The Board cited the Governor’s State of Emergency Declaration due to the 25 major wildfires currently burning, the closure of all National Forests within California due to the extreme fire danger and their previous local emergency declaration due to the 47,000-acre Loyalton Fire.

The unanimous 4-0 vote (Supervisor Beard was absent) on the urgency ordinance this Tuesday enacts restrictions on private lands within the County in order to further reduce the likelihood of human-caused fires within Sierra County. It went into effect immediately and will be reviewed during each meeting of the Sierra County BOS.

H/t to Liz Fisher for passing the resolution along.