Grass Valley, CA – InConcert Sierra announces the much-anticipated return of a live Sierra Student Showcase. This is an opportunity for students of all ages and levels to share their musical talents with the community, while practicing their performance skills. The Showcase will take place on Sunday, Dec 3rd, at 3 pm, hosted at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Grass Valley.

Participation in the recital program is open to students ages 6–18 at all proficiency levels, encompassing all musical instruments and vocalists. The showcase aims to provide invaluable performance experience, encouraging students to bring their musical talents to life in front of a live audience.

To register for the event, teachers are encouraged to visit the InConcert Sierra website at and complete an application on behalf of their students. Registration is open until Nov 23. There is a $10 fee required, along with the teacher’s confidence that the selected piece is performance-ready.

Sierra Student Showcase

Lynn Schugren, a renowned pianist, teacher, and co-founder of the Student Showcase Recitals, underscores the significance of performance for students, regardless of their skill level. She explains, “When preparing a piece of music for performance, a musician gains an intimacy with the music which does not occur with just routine preparation. Through extended practice, there comes an ease of execution as well as a flow of the emotional dialogue, allowing the music to come alive in a natural, unfettered way. We begin by looking at notes, but what we must produce is a fluent musical line. That fluent line happens when the performer knows the piece so well, they do not have to think about the mechanics but rather allow the music to flow through their body and become pure sound. To attain that, through performance, is the goal and the reward of practice.”

The community is warmly invited to attend this celebration of musical talent, supporting and encouraging young musicians on their journey to musical excellence. Tickets are available at the door $10 Adult or pay what you can, and all youth 18 years and younger are free.

InConcert Sierra is a vibrant non-profit organization committed to promoting musical excellence and enriching the cultural fabric of the community. Through various musical events, educational programs, and performances, InConcert Sierra has been a long-standing supporter of both seasoned and emerging artists in the Nevada County area. Visit for more information.

What:               InConcert Sierra’s Student Showcase Recital

When:              Registration Open Now / Recital Sunday, Dec 3 at 3pm

Where:             246 S Church Street, Grass Valley, CA (UUCM Church)