Imagine being able to compose your own original music! You actually write down all the notes to create a score with parts for each of the different instruments and singers. Then you give the completed scores/parts to professional musicians, with whom you rehearse, hearing your music begin to come to life. Finally, you attend a premiere performance of your new composition in front of a paying audience. Wow! Isn’t that a dream-come-true!

Well, good news! If you are between 12 and 21 years old and have a passion for music, this may be your golden opportunity! InConcert Sierra is proud to announce sign-ups for the 2022-23 Composers Project with composer, musician, and teacher, Mark Vance.

The Composers Project (CP) is a nine-month-long course that offers a curriculum focused on composing, notation, music theory, harmony, history, melodic and rhythmic dictation, conducting, ear training, solfège, listening, and rehearsal/performance techniques. The program also includes resume writing and public speaking.

Students will each write two new compositions. The first work is for voice accompanied by one instrument, and the second being an instrumental composition.  Both of these works will be performed in live concert by professional musicians.

This is an unusual experience for our local youth. Kory Reid, countertenor in the esteemed male vocal ensemble, Chanticleer, said, “We’re all impressed that the program exists – it’s really amazing!” CP students will work with high caliber musicians such as Reid, cellist Amit Peled (InConcert Sierra’s November artist), and other notable artists.

Students enrolled in the Composers Project will receive weekly one-on-one instruction and attend group classes twice monthly. During the program, they will meet with visiting musicians and composers who are part of InConcert Sierra’s Third Sunday Concert Series. Participants will also attend and evaluate professional concerts from a variety of local and regional presenters.

The Composers Project with Mark Vance is now enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year. The program begins on Saturday, September 17th. For more information and answers to your questions, please call InConcert Sierra at 530-273-3990 or email Interested applicants should apply online at