South Lake Tahoe, CA August 12, 2020 – A Napa man is dead after a tragic boating accident on Lake Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe Police got a call about two people in danger in the water about a mile off of Lakeshore Marina.

The call came just before 4:00 PM Monday. SLTPD’s Marine Unit, along with South Lake Tahoe Fire/Rescue, Tahoe Douglas fire and the Coast Guard responded to two people in the water near their rental boat. One of them, 28-year-old David Castorena, had a major injury to his leg and wasn’t wearing a life vest.

Castorena was pulled out of the water and attempts were made to save him. He ultimately passed away. He was pronounced dead at the marina. The other man in the water, was wearing a life vest, he was rescued with no injuries. A third man remained on the boat also uninjured.

“This is a tragic situation, and our hearts go out to Mr. Castorena’s family,” said Lt. Shannon Laney, “This incident also serves as a tragic reminder that boating safety is top priority on the water. Wear a life vest, refrain from drinking, and boat responsibly.”

SLTPD believes Castorena was trying to get into an inflatable tube tied to the boat when he was struck by the propeller. The investigation into this incident continues. 

If you are considering boating on Lake Tahoe this summer, SLTPD also advises you to take boating safety courses. They can be found online at