SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Oct. 27, 2016 – Measure P will be a key initiative on the City of South Lake Tahoe’s Nov. 8 ballot as a tourist-only tax to help rebuild the area’s aging Recreation Center.

Without raising taxes on local residents and businesses, Measure P will bring an estimated extra $2 million a year to support the community. The Lodging Association has voted unanimously to support further recreation in South Lake Tahoe. If passed by a two-thirds vote, Measure P will increase transient occupancy tax by 2 percent to 12 percent.

All funds generated as a result of Measure P will remain in South Lake Tahoe and will be used towards a $25 million updated Recreation Center. At the heart of the community, this resource has been providing locals and visitors with indoor recreational opportunities for 40 years. The current building’s age and lack of current environmental standards impact its stability and utility costs. A new Rec Center will be a hub that includes a multi-use gym and year-round swimming facilities for lessons, competitions, exercise and rehabilitation. The new complex will also have two college sized and two standard sized basketball courts, an indoor soccer court and a rock climbing wall to attract year-round tournaments and events. The rebuild will boost the local economy from lodging, dinging and activities perspectives.

“Measure P will build a new Recreation and Swim Complex without raising taxes for local residents or businesses,” said Jerry Bindel, general manager at Aston Lakeland Village Resort and chairman of South Lake Tahoe Tourism Improvement District. “Funds are solely from visitor room fees, which the South Lake Tahoe Lodging Association unanimously supports. A YES on P vote will help protect our quality of life, property values and will boost our economy.”

Implementing Measure P will ensure that the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe has somewhere to hold after-school and vacation programs in the future. The current club location is a former elementary school which had closed due to declining enrollment, but is now shifting back to its former use. The more than 700 children supported by the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe need a permanent home, and a new Rec Center would provide a step toward that end.

The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe serves as an essential community resource emphasizing growth of responsibility, accountability and citizenship among youth. Programs are designed to support children education and engagement through a combination of sports, arts, reading writing, mathematics, science and character building.

Community supporters include Wendy David, mayor of South Lake Tahoe; Rich Bodine, president of South Lake Tahoe Lodging Association; Jerry Bindel, chairman of South Lake Tahoe Tourism Improvement District; Terri Arnold, president of Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe; Valerie Rudd, 40-year local resident and Rec Center user; as well as all city council candidates and current members.

South Lake Tahoe voters will decide on Measure P on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016.