March 12, 2020 – Nevada County Superintendent of Schools announces the postponement of the STEAM Expo 2020, until next year, 2021. This decision was made based on several factors:

  • A reduction in the number of student submissions to the STEAM Expo
  • Exhibitors pulling out from participation in the STEAM Expo
  • The potential impact that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may have on the community
  • Information from the Nevada County Public Health Department, as well as the California Department of Health and the California Department of Education regarding holding major events where large crowds gather

The STEAM event is considered a “large gathering” (approximately 2,000 visitors have attended in the past) and it has been recommended to limit social contact, especially if large numbers of people will be within arm’s length of each other. An additional concern is the many hands-on and interactive exhibits that may pose a sanitation challenge.

We are currently discussing the options on how we can support the efforts of students who registered to submit their projects so they can be judged. We will contact schools as soon as we have a plan in place.

Our main goal is to protect our students, families and everyone in our community. For additional information on the COVID-19, go to:

We look forward to STEAM Expo 2021!