June 24, 2019 – On 6-23-2019, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Patrol division responded to southern Nevada County for the report of a sexual battery. Deputies learned a 20-year-old female entered the Hot Spot Smoke Shop, located in the 10000 block of Combie Road, and attempted to purchase an item. While in the business, the clerk, Ranjit Singh, sexually battered her.

Sheriff’s Office detectives responded and executed a search warrant on the business. During the investigation, detectives learned the 20-year-old victim entered the Hot Spot Smoke Shop and attempted to make a purchase of tobacco products but was under the legal age. Singh told the woman she was too young to make the purchase, but offered to sell her the items in a back room out of view from the business’s video surveillance cameras. As the two entered the back room, Singh forcibly pushed the victim into a bathroom and insisted she drink a glass of hard alcohol. It is alleged Singh touched the victim and himself in an inappropriate manner, and asked the victim to orally copulate him. A customer entered the business and the distraction allowed the victim to escape.

Deputies later detained and interviewed Singh and ultimately arrested him for false imprisonment, kidnapping, and sexual battery. The charge of kidnapping in this case relates to the movement of the victim, against her will, into a location that would cause her to be in more danger.