GRASS VALLEY, Calif. May 21, 2019 – Last night at approximately 9:57pm Grass Valley Police officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting on Glenwood Rd in Grass Valley. Officers from Grass Valley PD, Nevada City PD as well as deputies from the Nevada County Sheriffs office responded immediately to the scene. Upon arrival officers located one unidentified female and one unidentified male subject in the area. Both subjects were unresponsive and had what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds. Another involved male subject, identified as Michael Pocock, was contacted inside a nearby residence.

Michael Pocock, age 35, of Grass Valley, was arrested and booked into the Nevada County Jail on two counts of homicide related to last night’s shooting of two individuals in the 500 block of Glenwood Road. The two decedents will be identified to the public once the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office (Coroner’s Office) makes official ID’s and notifications to the next of kin.

All involved parties lived/stayed on the premises – the suspect in one house and the victims in the basement of another house. The shooting occurred near the threshold of the suspect’s residence as well as near the threshold and inside of the victims residence (the basement of the landowner’s house) where they were staying. The weapon has been recovered and evidence collection continues.

The Grass Valley Police Department continues to investigate and process the scene. We are working in coordination with the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office and the California Department of Justice forensic experts.