Nobody wants to see the beautiful Yuba river get trashed. Nobody wants to see a catastrophic wildfire erupt in the river canyon. And, least of all, nobody wants to see any more injuries or deaths happen at the river.  

Did you know that you can step up and do something to help lessen the possibility of any of these things happening? 

Started in 2012 by the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) in response to safety and garbage issues arising from recreation on the Yuba River, the River Ambassador Program is a volunteer group who, working in conjunction with State Parks, speak one-on-one with visitors at crossings, beaches, and on trails to promote safe and responsible use of the river. River Ambassadors use a friendly, non-confrontational approach to educate folks about the polluting impacts of trash and dog waste, the dangers of broken glass, the safety hazards caused by illegal parking, and the catastrophic potential of wildfire.  

SYRCL is currently recruiting River Ambassadors for the 2022 season which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. River Ambassador volunteers are stationed for a few hours at Bridgeport and Highway 49 crossings on the weekends interacting with visitors and handing out safety information, dog poop bags, fire consciousness, and smiles. Volunteers can work as many or as few shifts as they wish. If SYRCL can field enough volunteers this year, the River Ambassador program will expand to Purdon and Edwards crossings. 

Becoming a River Ambassador is something you can do to have a positive impact on your community and to keep the river you love a safe, healthy, communal space for all. To learn more about becoming a River Ambassador, go to or call SYRCL at 530.265.5961. 

You can also sign-up for SYRCL’s upcoming in-person and virtual Volunteer Informational Meeting on May 23rd at 6:00 pm by going to