NEVADA CITY, Calif. May 3, 2017 – Today, the Tahoe National Forest opened Mosquito Ridge Road from Interbay Road to the end of the road at Ahart Campground. The Road had been closed due to snow. Weight and lane restrictions are still in place on Mosquito Ridge Road between Gorman Ranch Road and Interbay Road, due to storm-related road damage.

Travelers are encouraged to use caution. Sections of Mosquito Ridge Road only allow for one-lane traffic to avoid road hazards and the vehicle weight limit is 20,000 pounds. In addition, snow remains on the road at French Meadows Reservoir, so access to the water and developed recreation sites is limited. Campgrounds around French Meadows are estimated to open in June, depending on snow conditions.

The Bowman Road and Buckeye Road closures are still in effect.

Snow, ice and debris are inhibiting access to some Tahoe National Forest roads and additional road damage is still being revealed. The Forest has seen extensive damage to roads and other infrastructure from this year’s winter storms. Unsafe conditions, damaged roads, as well as snow and debris have resulted in the need to close some roads to public use. Closed roads will reopen once they are repaired and deemed safe for travel.

Those with a valid permit from the U.S. Forest Service are authorized to use these roads, as are any Federal, State or local officers or members of an organized rescue or firefighting force in the performance of official duty.

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