PENN VALLEY, Calif. November 2, 2018 – If you reside within the boundaries of the Penn Valley Fire Protection District your property tax bill may be in error. The Penn Valley Fire Protection District has discovered a clerical error in the data they provided to Nevada County for inclusion in property tax bills.

Of the approximately 6,400 tax bills mailed within the district, 1,374 property owners in Penn Valley were either undercharged or overcharged for Rescue Tax. Additionally, approximately 229 property owner tax bills include an error in the amount of the Fire Benefit Assessment. Residents can check to determine if their property is within the Penn Valley Fire Protection District using Nevada County’s MyNeighborhood map:

Penn Valley Fire Protection District submitted incorrect parcel charges to the Auditor’s Office on approximately 1,600 tax bills. “The error was not recognized in time to correct the billing,” said Nevada County Auditor Marcia Salter. “We’re collaborating to resolve this as effectively and quickly as possible.”

Treasurer-Tax Collector Tina Vernon confirmed that tax bills have been mailed. “They are arriving in homeowners mailboxes this weekend.”

Discussions between the Nevada County Auditors Office, Nevada County Treasurer- Tax Collectors Office and Penn Valley Fire Protection District determined that the best way to resolve this issue was to notify affected parcel owners immediately of the error and re-send corrected bills to affected property owners. It is hoped that corrected tax bills will be mailed and updated online on or around November 9th. Residents can check their tax bill online on the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s My Tax Bill web page:

This error affects approximately 2.7% of all Nevada County property owners and only property owners who are within the Penn Valley Fire Protection District. Property owners will only receive a corrected tax bill if their original bill was in error.

Penn Valley Fire Protection District was solely responsible for the error. “This was a clerical error. Steps have been taken to prevent anything like this from happening again,” said Penn Valley Fire Chief Don Wagner. “We regret any inconvenience this may cause.”

Questions regarding special assessments may be directed to Auditor Marcia Salter at (530) 265-1545 or

Questions regarding tax bills may be directed to Treasurer-Tax Collector Tina Vernon at (530) 265-1285 or

Questions regarding Penn Valley Fire Assessment Fees may be directed to Penn Valley Fire Chief Don Wagner at (530) 432-2360 or