Nevada City, Calif. June 27, 2017 – Six Nevada County teens will be displaying their work at the Nevada County Community Libraries for the Full STEAM Ahead summer program. Their applications were accepted in the areas of Science, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Clara Luisetti’s science project will be on display during the week of July 3 at the Madelyn Helling Library’s Children’s Room; her project explores whether a pre-rinse or pre-scrub is effective prior to washing kitchenware. She will also share some science books that kids might enjoy looking at for experiment ideas. Clara has been interested in experimenting at an early age. Her projects have been displayed at the STEAM Expo and moved on to the California State Science Fair.

Anjali Dowling’s art work can be viewed at the Madelyn Helling Library during the week of July 10. Dowling is 13 years old and currently attends the Ananda Living Wisdom School. “Art is something to put my energy into and get emotions out. Plus, it relieves stress and is fun!” she says. Her work will be sketches of book characters, singers, and celebrities. She encourages people to “Try art out! Don’t say you can’t – you probably can, you just need practice!”

Nicholas Ashbaugh, a Nevada Union rising senior, will be displaying his Balsa Wood Bridge at the Grass Valley Library Children’s Room during the week of July 18. It was built for his AP Physics class, and was able to hold over 350 pounds despite weighing only .74 pounds. Ashbaugh enjoys the creative aspect of engineering, and the freedom of designing a project and then building it. “One of my biggest goals going into my senior year is to get as much experience and exposure with engineering, science, and math in order to find out what major I want to pursue in college in college,” he says.

Julia Stauffer’s art work will be displayed at Madelyn Helling Library during the week of July 24. Stauffer is 14 years old and has been an artist her whole life. Her favorite medium is canvas painting with acrylics, and her work is focused on what is going on in the world and how to change it, especially with pollution and how it affects animals. “I used to do art just for fun, but it’s a good way to express how you’re feeling without words – a visual representation of how you feel,” she says. She is also an athlete.

During the week of July 31, Grace Pardini and Clara Luisetti will display a math project. Their display at the library will show a multi-step math problem that they solved together for the Nevada County STEAM Expo. This problem took them over 10 hours to solve. Their hope is to share their love of math and encourage other students to solve real life math problems. They are attending Nevada Union High School in the fall and look forward to solving more math problems together.

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