NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 22, 2017 – Who are the people that represent us in the Nevada County Grand Jury? They are your neighbors, friends, fellow community members and volunteers. In other words, people like you…. responsible citizens that want to be part of our community in a way that enhances the quality of life we all enjoy. As a Nevada County Grand Juror, they volunteered to work as a team to shine a light on the workings of the County, showing where things could be improved and applaud when they are being done well.

I thought it would be appropriate to introduce my fellow grand jurors. Here’s a snap of Your Nevada County Grand Jury:

Our foreman is a retired engineer and former Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of the Naval Aviation Depot in San Diego. He has lived in Nevada County for eleven years and served on the Grand Jury for three years, twice as foreman.

Other members are:

A retired trial lawyer, here for four years.

A retired 35 year law enforcement person moved here 16 years ago, who loves to hike and camp, any guesses why he moved here?

A retired contracts negotiator manager, been here for 4 years

A retired, independent contractor of real estate loans. Moved here 22 years ago and has been on the Grand Jury for 4 of those years.

A retired teacher and business owner. Here for 8 years.

A retired Asst. to the Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles County Municipal Courts and Ex. Asst. to various Administrators in the Pharmaceutical Industry. With her husband, previously operated a horse-boarding stable and still loves taking care of their own horses.

A retired Sheriff’s Deputy of 34 years who specialized in civil law. Participated with Gold Country Senior Softball and continues to raise horses.

A retired IT specialist from Stanford University who since moving here in 2008 has volunteered to teach computer technology. On the Grand Jury for 4 years.

A retired Legal Administrator. After retiring after 28 years from a law firm she was with, moved to Nevada County. Retirement only lasted 2 years then went back to work for another 13. Has been on the Grand Jury for 2 years.

Another Stanford alumni was a Research Coordinator and moved here in 2000. Since coming here she worked as a Realtor and became a Reservist for FEMA. In her spare time she published 2 cookbooks, makes wine, spins wool, paints, line dances and generally keeps very active.

A dual-career person who, after having lived here for 13 years moved back 4 years ago. She was an Asst. Auditor-Controller in Nevada, San Mateo and Contra Costa Counties. After a major life event she became a professional Hospital/Hospice Chaplain.

A 43-year resident and local graduate, this college student is currently pursuing a career in Law. Obviously seeing many changes here she wants to give back to her community in a way that makes a difference.

A retired hospital administrator who specialized in hospital construction. Has volunteered in numerous organizations and raises Siberian Huskies.

A retired educator with extensive experience in honors programs and currently an independent contractor to develop more successful uses of data to foster continuous improvement and to create community responsive schools

Being retired is not a requirement but as a group they do have the most unstructured time to devote. We would welcome other age groups, time permitting. It is one of the most rewarding endeavors and contributes so much to the community.

If this quick introduction has interested you to look further, you can access the Grand Jury web page through Here you will also find the Library of previous Grand Jury Reports, a link to apply to be a Grand Juror and the means to file a Citizens Complaint.