Today, proponents delivered notices of intent to recall every Nevada County Supervisor to the Elections Office, kicking off the process to remove the supervisors from office. Four of the five notices were served to supervisors during last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting.

December 20, 2021 at 1:38 PM Update: One of the notices of intent filed states as the reasons for the recall (the language is similar on all):

1) Concealed facts which were known or which should have been known to him through reasonable diligence. He neglected his constituents’ warnings about the dangers of excess government which have resulted in loss of life, liberty, and property. He enabled crimes against humanity and censored public comments. He violated the oath of office, Brown Act and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars without financial impact reports.
2) Voted to violate citizens’ privacy and other rights through “Contact Tracing of Citizens” by unscreened and questionable data “Tracers” from “Rapid Trace LLC dba Over the Ridge LLC”. “They will provide Local Health Officer Isolation and quarantine guidance… referrals…” (Res. 21-460)
3) Neglected citizens’ requests to immediately terminate department officers Glennah Trochet, Ryan Gruver and also terminate the Health Director Dr. Scott Kellerman for his public statement and gesture threatening to shoot/kill unmasked citizens’. (10-11-2021)
4) Failed to re-open Nevada County. Promoted lockdowns, prescribed untested medical procedures, omitted use of life saving therapeutic medications, neglected natural immunity, increased county liability and directly violated religious freedoms and individual liberty.
5) Voted for U.A.S. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) to perform unconstitutional warrantless searches which violate privacy, due process and property rights. (SR 21-0635).

The Elections Office issued a press release which reads, in part “Today, the proponents of an effort to recall the Nevada County Board of Supervisors officially filed Notices of Intention to Recall. The Nevada County Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters determined that these Notices of Intention met legal requirements necessary to advance to the next steps of a recall.”

What’s next?

Here are the steps leading to an eventual recall election:

  • Publish the Notice of Intention
  • Obtain and File Proof of Publication
  • Within seven days: Answer of Recallee
  • Within ten days after the answer of the recallee: Prepare the Recall Petition
  • Within ten days of receiving the recall petition: Elections Office determines whether the proposed form and wording of the petition meet the necessary requirements and notify proponents in writing of the findings. (Repeats until the elections official finds that no alterations are required.)
  • Determine the Number of Signatures Required: Twenty percent (20%) of registered voters per district if the registration is less than 50,000 but at least 10,000.
  • Circulate the Recall Petition
  • Filing of Petition – Deadline: 120 days if the electoral jurisdiction has less than 50,000 registered voters but at least 10,000.
  • Examination by the Elections Official: 30 business days from the date of filing of the petition
  • Notice of Recall Election within 14 days of receiving the certificate of sufficiency
  • Election: The election shall be held not less than 88 nor more than 125 days after the issuance of the order

The full recall guidelines are published on the California Secretary of State’s website.

Signatures needed by district

According to the latest registration report published on the Secretary of State’s website, the number of registered voters per district is as follows:

County Supervisorial 1             16,269 (3,240 = ~20%)
County Supervisorial 2             15,773 (3,140 = ~20%)
County Supervisorial 3             14,146 (2,820 = ~20%)
County Supervisorial 4             15,505 (3,100 = ~20%) )
County Supervisorial 5             13,882 (2,760 = ~20%)

Cost of the recall

Taxpayers will foot the bill for the recall election. Depending on the timeline, if the signature gathering is successful, voters could cast a ballot in June for the two supervisorial districts up for election, then vote in the November General Election to recall the current Supervisors.

Assistant Clerk-Recorder Natalie Adona stated, “based on cost estimates that we did recently, we believe that the recall may cost around $260,000 for a standalone election. If we are able to consolidate, the cost of the election would be $1.26 per voter.” ($95,224 for 75,575 voters)