For the last five years, the arrival of Gold Country Senior Services’ dump trailer has been a welcome sight. The extra wood supply it delivered to low-income, often frail older adults was a lifeline, providing extra warmth during cold winter months. Now the Senior Firewood Program’s efforts have been seriously impeded.

If anyone sees this trailer (license 4MC9612), please notify law enforcement immediately. The Senior Firewood Program is anxious to have it returned. Photo courtesy of Gold Country Senior Services

“Sadly, our trailer was stolen recently by someone who broke into the locked yard,” announced Executive Director Janeth Marroletti. “The hardened chain lock was sheared off with bolt cutters. In addition, the storage shed was burglarized and our supplies went missing.

“Our dedicated volunteers collect, split and deliver the wood to seniors each week,” she explained, “so the loss of this workhorse trailer is a significant setback, particularly for the seniors we serve.”

The Wood Program has been going since 1979, and it remains one of the last of its kind operating in California. Following Nevada County’s recent snowstorm, the need for additional firewood increased significantly.

A report has been filed with the California Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s Office, and residents are asked to watch for the missing trailer. The dump trailer has a 10 ft. long bed, with Gold Country Community Services Firewood Program decals. The license plate is 4MC9612.

February 8, 2022 at 3:24 PM Update on the trailer description thanks to one of the volunteers: The box is 4 feet wide x 10 feet long and with the wire racks is 5 feet tall. It is a dump trailer with only a single axle. Most trailers in that size class are wider and shorter with double axles. It also has a tool box welded to the front , and had Senior Firewood decals on the sides.

“If anyone sees it, please notify law enforcement immediately,” Marroletti advised.

Having a trailer is crucial to the program’s success, and donations—as well as volunteers—are welcome. Those interested are encouraged to visit or contact (530) 615-4541.

Gold Country Senior Services has served Nevada County’s older residents since 1976, with programs that support health, wellness and independence, including plans for a much- anticipated Senior Center.