The Town of Truckee staff have been removing snow since December 23rd with the equipment and personnel they have available. They will continue to do so until all roads are clear and passable. Due to the resources we have available and the amount of snow we have received, it may take multiple days after the storm breaks before roads are sufficiently cleared.  

Vehicles stuck in the roadways significantly slows down the snow removal operation. Please do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary. If you absolutely have to leave your residents, it is recommended that only four-wheel drive vehicles be on the road at this time and that traction devices are used if available.  

As a reminder, the roads are not appropriate places to sled, walk, ski, snowshoe, build a snowman or take your dog out. It is dangerous with multiple blind spots, poor visibility, and a lot of heavy machinery on our roads.  

When snow sits on your sloped roof, it can unexpectedly slide off burying an unsuspecting person. Be careful to not let your kids play under a sloped roof or to walk under areas that is loaded with snow.