August 1, 2017 – Yuba County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference today at 4:30 pm and provided an update to an earlier press release regarding two Yuba County Deputies injured in an Officer Involved Shooting that occurred in the 9000 block of Marysville Road this morning in the Yuba County foothill community of Oregon House, after they responded to a call of a dispute occurring at a marijuana grow involving a man who was reportedly armed with a gun.

Upon their arrival and initial investigation, a suspect matching the description provided by the reporting callers, was seen by deputies and fled on foot. A short foot pursuit ensued and the suspect was seen fleeing toward one of several trailer residences located at the property. The owner was contacted and gave permission for deputies to enter and clear the residence.

Two deputies entered the home to clear it, with one deputy outside at the rear of the property to cover the back. While the two deputies were inside the home, the suspect emerged and fired upon the deputies, striking them both multiple times.

The deputies returned fire. The 3rd deputy in position at the back of the residence alerted dispatch to shots fired and officers down.

That 3rd deputy, without knowing the location or status of the suspect, entered the home twice and removed each injured deputy and carried them to safety away from the home while waiting for additional backup to arrive.

The 3rd deputy did not fire his weapon and was not injured.

Multiple Yuba County Deputies, SWAT team members, Detectives, and Hostage Negotiators responded to scene, along with many neighboring law enforcement officers and other first responders.

Nearby residences were evacuated, a perimeter was established, and attempts to communicate with the barricaded suspect were initiated. Just before 2pm, SWAT personnel deployed diversionary devices into the home followed by tear-gas deployment, and then entered into the residence.

Once inside, SWAT members located the suspect and determined the suspect was deceased and had suffered fatal gunshot wounds. It is unknown at this time if the gunshot wounds were as a result of the deputies return fire, or if they were self-inflicted.

The suspect’s cause of death will be determined by autopsy and released at a later date. The suspect remains unidentified at this time. He is described as a Hispanic Male who appears to be in his early 30’s with a large stature. Detectives are actively investigating his identity and any relationships to the property where the shooting occurred.

The two injured deputies were transported by helicopter to Sutter Hospital in Roseville and both underwent surgery for serious injury, but are expected to recover.

The two injured are 14 year and 10 year veterans with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office, with the 3rd deputy that pulled them to safety, a 22 year veteran deputy for Yuba County.