Editor’s note: The Fire Safe Council needs help this weekend, details below. Also, they have a lot of free mulch available for pickup (next weekend) – with the drought this can really help you conserve water and your plants be just as gorgeous as usual.

This is last minute, but I am sending up the bat signal for help once more.

We had our busiest day -ever- and just 1 volunteer to assist the staff. (Recall that our friends from AmeriCorps are not here this month.)

Nate has been doing a great job at adjusting plans and traffic flow to keep the site moving, but if the weekend is busier than today it would be great to have additional help. Things being what they were today, staff were only available to help most infirm of folks with unloading. It took all hands and eyes to safely direct the traffic and collect the data.

Ultimately, this is excellent news as increasing participation remains our priority. With a minimum total of 667 loads dropped off today I think we are safe in the knowledge that we are still reaching folks and that this program is welcome and highly valued by residents.

I have 2 volunteers scheduled for tomorrow in the morning, and Steve alone in the afternoon. I can’t be sure if the next 3 days will be as busy as today but we need all the help we can get if we are to be at our best.

I won’t be in front of the computer to send out the welcome packet so if you, or anyone you know, can help please send them to the site at 12625 Idaho Maryland Rd. We can have them sign a waiver at the site and they can help direct traffic or collect the intake data so that we don’t have to get them in front of the training video for plant identification before getting them moving.

It is getting a little warm out there in the sun so bring water, a hat or umbrella and wear your sunscreen and a smile.

Thank you so much.