MARYSVILLE, CA January 5, 2017 – A handful of residents and businesses in some areas along the Yuba River outside of Marysville will get voluntary evacuation notices beginning today, in response to National Weather Service (NWS) forecasts that say storm-driven flooding is expected in the coming days.

Yuba County Emergency Services Manager Scott Bryan said the Yuba River is forecasted by NWS to rise over the weekend, with levels reaching 83 feet by early Monday morning. He said residents and businesses along Simpson Lane and Dantoni Road are expected to experience varying levels of flooding beginning late Sunday evening and into Monday.

“These are locations that are historically vulnerable to flooding when we get these types of storms,” Bryan said. “Sheriff’s deputies will be contacting everyone they can over the next couple of days to make sure they are aware of the voluntary evacuation order and to give them the opportunity to do whatever they can to protect their properties.”

Plants and orchards in that region southeast of Marysville will be subject to the encroaching water, as well.

Sandbags and sand are available to residents and business owners at the Yuba County Corporation Yard, 1420 Sky Harbor Drive at the Yuba County Airport in Olivehurst. Each address is limited to 20 bags, but more can be purchased at local home improvement stores or through online markets.

To get more information about flood preparedness or to register for emergency alerts via text or email, visit

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