March 29, 2019 – Who is a Nevada County Grand Juror?

We are a cross-section of your neighbors from all walks of life, occupations, and levels of education. We are U.S. Citizens, 18 or over, not holding a public elected office, who have lived in Nevada County at least one year. We actively care about our community.

Grand Juries are the watchdogs of our county’s political and financial processes. All 58 counties in California are required to have one. We are mandated to respond to citizen complaints and initiate inquiries and investigations into any public agencies, special districts, or other organizations that receive Nevada County’s tax monies.

You may not hear much about us because our primary directive is confidentiality. Citizen complaints, our research, who we talk to, and the documents we review are kept secret. The 2017-2018 Nevada County Grand Jury originated dozens of inquiries and investigations and only issued five reports to the public. But behind the scenes the interviews and the questions asked resulted in significant changes to be made in public services and processes throughout Nevada County.

The reports we do issue are intended as: 1. recognition of the professionalism, dedication, and hard work of our public agencies, employees, and related non-profit organizations, 2. recommendations for possible improvements, and 3. statements of concern regarding existing or potential problems.

The 19 Nevada County Grand Jurors serve a term of year, from July 1st through June 30th. During that year we meet the leaders of our community, learn how Nevada County is governed and managed, and work to make Nevada County an even better place to live and raise our families.

Are you interested in joining us? To find out more, contact us at or (530)265-1730.