September 17, 2018 – PG&E is accelerating efforts to reduce wildfire risk in High Fire-Threat areas across California. The utility company has setup an Emergency Incident Command center in Grass Valley to rollout these efforts in Nevada County. In January of 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) adopted a High Fire-Threat District Map after working in coordination with CAL FIRE and other experts. The map identifies Elevated and Extreme Fire-Threat areas which are most vulnerable to wildfire impacting people and property.

PG&E has implemented a Community Wildfire Safety Program to work with customers and communities, in Extreme Risk regions, to take elevated precautionary measures to reduce wildfire risk. The utility company is working with customers in these regions to establish fire defense zones along powerlines. Much like defensible space around homes, these fire defense zones next to powerlines are designed to add a layer of protection against wildfire. If you live in an Extreme Fire-Threat area (verify by visiting the CPUC High Fire-Threat District Map) you will receive contact from a PG&E contract arborist in the near future to address hazardous vegetation on your property.

This year, Nevada County has applied for nearly $11,000,000 in grants to pursue wildfire prevention activities and is an active partner with the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County. The Nevada County Hazardous Vegetation Ordinance requires 100 feet of defensible space is maintained around structures and along roadways that serve as primary ingress and egress routes. In addition, Nevada County encourages the community to register for CodeRED, a high-speed mass notification system designed to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.