MARYSVILLE, Calif. April 4, 2018 – The Foothill Fire Protection District will be able to better treat sudden cardiac arrest in the Yuba County foothills and areas near New Colgate Powerhouse and New Bullards Bar Reservoir with the help of a grant from Yuba County Water Agency.

The $5,000 grant, approved today by YCWA as a part of the Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grant Program, will help the Foothill Fire Protection District purchase three new automated external defibrillator kits, also known as AEDs.

“The Foothill Fire Protection District provides critical, life-saving services to the areas around New Bullards Bar and New Colgate Powerhouse,” said YCWA Board Vice- Chairman Randy Fletcher. “We are so appreciative for their quick response capability and we are happy to support them by funding this new equipment.”

An AED is a portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart, and can potentially stop an irregular heartbeat and allow a normal rhythm to resume following a sudden cardiac arrest.

The Foothill Fire Protection District is a completely volunteer department that provides emergency medical, fire and rescue services in the Yuba County foothills. The volunteer fire chief is also the YCWA employee for whom the grant is named.

“I am so honored that I could be a part of this grant program that puts much-needed equipment and training in the hands of Yuba County’s first responders,” said Foothill Fire Protection District Chief Bill Shaw. “We are very thankful to receive this grant that will allow us to replace our old AEDs.”

This is the second agency to benefit from YCWA’s Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grant Program, which was created in January, 2018. These grants are designed for first responder agencies in Yuba County and will cover the one-time costs of up to $5,000 per applicant annually, associated with the purchase of rescue equipment or specialized personnel training. Grant funding requests must be connected to YCWA’s missions of flood risk reduction, water supply reliability, hydropower generation, groundwater management, fisheries enhancement and recreation in and around New Bullards Bar Reservoir.