April 30, 2018 – The Sheriff’s Department is facing a critical personnel shortage that is affecting our staffing levels to the point that we have found it necessary, in the interest of public safety, to implement alternative reporting practices that will allow us to maintain adequate coverage and responses to higher priority calls and crimes.

We have identified certain crime types that will no longer have an officer dispatched to take a report; instead, the reporting person will now be referred to our online self-reporting application on our website at http://sheriff.co.yuba.ca.us/CopLogic/start-report.aspx. This will only be for specified crime types that meet our online reporting criteria and are 1) NOT in progress and 2) when there is NO suspect information or evidence. The crime types identified for online reporting are as follows:

  • 488 PC Petty Theft
  • 594(b)(1) PC Felony Vandalism (Under $5,000 damage)
  • 594(b)(2) PC Misdemeanor Vandalism
  • 530.5 PC Identity Theft
  • 653(m) PC Annoying Phone Calls
  • Lost Property Report

In addition to implementing online reporting for the above crimes (Incidents NOT in progress and with NO suspect information or evidence) – we will also be making changes to response procedures for other identified calls for service. Callers requesting patrol response for the following call types will now be referred to other agencies that would ultimately be the ones to handle their request:

  • Barking Dog Calls To be referred to Animal Care Services
  • 10852 CVC Vehicle Tampering To be referred to Ca. Highway Patrol
  • Landlord-Tennant Disputes* To be referred to Yuba County Civil Division
    *When parties are not together and seeking info only
  • Civil Standbys YCSO to handle by appointment only 12:00pm-8:00pm

We will also implement changes to how we respond to the following calls:

Alarm Calls

  • Faulty Alarms – after initial response determined a false alarm, we will not respond to subsequent alarms within 24 hours
  • Will not respond to residential alarms when the responsible person (occupant/owner or representative of) refuses to respond to meet with the deputy