MARYSVILLE, CA August 14, 2020 – Temperatures will climb well over the century mark every day over the next several day, possibly exceeding 110 degrees early next week. The Yuba County Office of Emergency Services cautions residents to follow important safety tips to avoid the serious consequences of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Officials emphasize it is equally important to keep an eye on children and check in with elderly family and friends, to make sure they are safe and not showing any indications of heat-related illnesses.

“And don’t forget about your pets, as they are every bit as vulnerable to the soaring temperatures,” said Yuba County Officer of Emergency Services Manager Scott Bryan.

The National Weather Service advises the region will experience extreme heat at least through next Wednesday, in both the valley and foothill regions.

“We are in for a very long haul with these high temperatures, and the most important thing people can do is take care of themselves and those around them,” Bryan said. “For the next several days, it’s all about drinking lots of water, avoiding strenuous activities from late morning until evening and making plans to stay in a cool place as much as possible.”

People exposed to the higher temperatures should watch for indications of heat exhaustion or the more dangerous condition of heat stroke.

“If you or someone with you gets too hot and becomes dizzy, starts sweating excessively, becomes nauseous and get muscle cramps, then it is important to get to a cooler place, drink water, and even consider taking a cool shower or applying cold compresses,” said Yuba County Public Health Officer Phuong Luu. “If the symptoms become even more severe to the point you stop sweating, get a throbbing headache and your body temperature gets above 103 degrees, you are facing a serious health threat and need to cool down quickly and call 911.”

Recognizing early indications of heat-related illnesses and making a real effort to cool down is vitally important, as heat stroke can result in the loss of consciousness.