NEVADA CITY, Calif. October 19, 2023 – YubaNet teams up with Riparian Studios to expand its YouTube Channel, providing reliable news coverage to Sierra Nevada residents. YubaNet is committed to honest reporting with newly expanded coverage across all channels. Publisher Susan Levitz and Editor Pascale Fusshoeller lead the team that now includes media expertise from Sheila Cameron. Filmmaker Kit Kohler of Riparian is the latest welcome addition.

“We are in a time of unprecedented access to information and content creation,” said Kit. “It is vital to know that the information you’re tapping into is of the utmost authority and quality. That’s what YubaNet stands for in our community, and I am thrilled to be able to add an immersive video storytelling aspect to their excellent coverage.”

“I know there’s an audience for well-done video content that truly reflects the uniqueness of Nevada County. It’s been great helping to share these stories, and there are more great ideas in the works,” Sheila commented. “I’m looking forward to expanding our coverage in 2024 and welcome feedback on what our community would like to see.”

“We believe in the power of stories to connect people. Nevada County is our home. We want to strengthen our collective community by celebrating its people and by thoughtfully discussing areas where we can do better,” said Pascale.

“Having Sheila and Kit on board gives us the capacity to bring you more news on the platforms you use every day. We believe in kindness, civil conversation, voting, art and the Sierra Nevada,” added Susan. “Living and working in this area, we believe in supporting local and Sierra Nevada-made ideas, products and art.”

YubaNet’s updated YouTube page hosts all new video content to complement written articles on The community’s support is crucial in helping to expand this coverage further. We invite everyone to participate by subscribing to our YouTube channel at []. There is no cost to subscribe; it is the best way to stay updated, share insights, and be alerted when new videos are posted.

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Explore lifestyle, food, art, and culture in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California. See highlights from local events, profiles of artists, culinary experiences, farm-to-fork lifestyle, and outdoor recreation updates. Whether visiting for a weekend or building a life here, learn how to get the most out of your time in the region.

Essential Emergency Updates and Preparedness

All-hazard emergency coverage, including wildfire and extreme weather impacting the Sierra Nevada in California. Find disaster preparedness tips, information on evacuation procedures, and interviews with emergency management officials to help you prepare. If it impacts the region, we cover it from snowstorms to wildfires. A winter weather preparation special is in the works now!

What’s Happening at The Fairgrounds? presents videos highlighting the Fairgrounds’ events, facilities, and history. Located in Grass Valley, California, the Nevada County Fairgrounds has been declared “California’s Most Beautiful Fairgrounds” and is covered with hundreds of towering pine trees on almost 90 acres. It is home to the annual Nevada County Fair, the Draft Horse Classic, the Country Christmas Faire, world-class music festivals, and year-round community events. There is also a year-round RV Park, Lions Lake, rental facilities, weekly events, weddings, some of our community’s most significant outdoor events, and many walking areas.

About YubaNet: Established in 1999, has been the go-to platform for daily news and information for the Sierra Nevada region. From local updates to national and international news, has consistently provided accurate and timely reporting. Nestled in the heart of Nevada County, California, their newsroom overlooks the majestic South Yuba River, inspiring their commitment to delivering news from the Sierra.

About Riparian Studios: As a creative agency and video production company, the simple through-line across all Riparian Studios services is memorable, relatable, and compelling storytelling. Deeply integrated into the Sierra Foothills community, the company’s client list is a who’s who of beloved and respected local institutions and businesses, from Nevada County’s Office of Emergency Services to Sierra Harvest.