August 7, 2018 – At approximately 5:01 PM yesterday (Monday) evening, Mr. Lukas Ross, a 32-year old resident of Nampa, Idaho,  was driving a 1981 Bluebird transit bus (recreational vehicle), westbound on SR-20 approaching Chalk Bluff Road.

For an as yet undetermined reason, possibly due to mechanical issues, he allowed the vehicle to cross the roadway and go off the south roadway edge where it struck a raised dirt embankment. At that moment, Mr. Ross opened the side door and jumped from vehicle onto the roadway while the vehicle was still in motion. Unfortunately, the vehicle continued up the embankment and overturned onto its right side, directly onto Mr. Ross. The vehicle then came to a stop on its right side blocking the eastbound lane of SR-20.

CHP personnel responded to the incident along with fire department personnel. Mr. Ross was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The CHP is handling the investigation. Drugs and alcohol are not a suspected factor in this collision. Based on a preliminary investigation, amajor mechanical failure causing steering and/or braking problems is a suspected factor in this incident.

One-way traffic controls were in effect on SR-20 for over 4 hours while emergency crews worked at the scene. Heavy-duty towing equipment was required at the scene to upright and remove the recreational vehicle.