San Francisco, Calif. — Jan. 27, 2019 On Friday the Pacific Gas and Electric Company sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission notifying the agency of its intent to withdraw its application to relicense the Potter Valley Project (PVP).

The PVP diverts water from the Eel River into Potter Valley, Mendocino County, CA, and currently blocks salmon and steelhead trout from accessing more than 100 river miles of pristine spawning and rearing habitat in the Mendocino National Forest, impacting coastal salmon fishing jobs from Monterey to Oregon.

PCFFA executive director Noah Oppenheim reacted, stating: “Salmon fishermen have been fighting to free the Eel River from the Potter Valley Project for decades. With new certainty that the project’s license will be orphaned by PG&E, we’re closer to that goal than ever. The project is an environmental liability and a safety risk for any prospective buyer. The best path forward for this process is an expedited surrender agreement between PG&E, energy regulators, and the stakeholder community, pursuant to partial or complete decommissioning. PG&E can’t be allowed to simply walk away from its problems on the Eel River.”


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