Cambridge, MA July 27, 2017 – Almost two-thirds (64%) of Americans are very or somewhat worried about the United States’ stature on the world stage, including 63% of Millennials (Americans between the ages 18 to 37), according to a new national poll from the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School (IOP).

Additionally, more than half of adults 18+ (56%) are worried about the American economy in the short-term, 40% are worried about their health care and 39% about their own financial prospects in the IOP’s newest poll results, its 34th release since 2000.

“This poll confirms a sense of fear about the future I have encountered as we talk with Americans from across the country in town meetings and focus groups. From our research, this goes far beyond views of the President or any party as Americans of all ages are seeking a transformational leader to end the chaos and reconnect us around a common purpose, at home and abroad,” said John Della Volpe, Polling Director at the IOP.

The KnowledgePanel® survey of 1,050 adults in the U.S., including 357 Millennials, with a margin of error of +/– 3.0 percentage points (95% confidence level) conducted with GfK Custom Research for the IOP between July 21 and 23 also finds:

  • 59% of Americans would choose to recall and replace President Trump if they could, including 64% of Millennials; 59% of registered Independents and 24% of Republicans ages 18+ feel the same way.
  • Nearly a majority of Americans hold similar feelings about “all members of Congress,” and their “member of Congress.” 44% would recall all members and 45% would recall their member if they could. Unlike reactions to President Trump, there are no significant differences of opinion on Congress among generations.

Following are the results of the key questions based on Americans ages 18+, registered voters and members of the Millennial generation:

In the short-term, how do you feel about…
America’s stature in the world
18+Reg. VotersMillennials
Net: Confident35%36%35%
Net: Worried64%63%63%
Very confident8%9%9%
Somewhat confident27%27%26%
Somewhat worried43%42%43%
Very worried21%21%20%
American economy
18+Reg. VotersMillennials
Net: Confident43%46%39%
Net: Worried56%54%59%
Very confident7%8%8%
Somewhat confident35%38%31%
Somewhat worried40%39%43%
Very worried16%15%16%
Your health care coverage
18+Reg. VotersMillennials
Net: Confident59%61%58%
Net: Worried40%38%41%
Very confident21%22%20%
Somewhat confident38%40%38%
Somewhat worried24%23%25%
Very worried16%15%16%
Your financial prospects
18+Reg. VotersMillennials
Net: Confident60%63%56%
Net: Worried39%37%43%
Very confident15%16%9%
Somewhat confident45%47%47%
Somewhat worried28%27%30%
Very worried11%10%13%
Your personal safety
18+Reg. VotersMillennials
Net: Confident74%77%73%
Net: Worried25%23%26%
Very confident22%23%22%
Somewhat confident53%54%51%
Somewhat worried19%18%17%
Very worried6%5%8%
If you could choose to recall and replace various elected officials today, would you recall:
Donald Trump
18+Reg. VotersMillennials
Your member of Congress
18+Reg. VotersMillennials


All members of Congress

18+Reg. VotersMillennials


The survey was conducted using the web-enabled KnowledgePanel®, a probability-based panel designed to be representative of the U.S. population. Initially, participants are chosen scientifically by a random selection of telephone numbers and residential addresses. Persons in selected households are then invited by telephone or by mail to participate in the web-enabled KnowledgePanel®. For those who agree to participate, but do not already have Internet access, GfK provides at no cost a laptop and ISP connection. People who already have computers and Internet service are permitted to participate using their own equipment. Panelists then receive unique log-in information for accessing surveys online, and then are sent emails throughout each month inviting them to participate in research.