April 11, 2017 – Four days before tens of thousands of Americans gather to demand that Trump release his full tax returns and come clean with the American people, ‘Because We Care’ released the animated video ‘Show Us Your Tax Returns’ to demand that President Donald Trump not only release his financial information, but drop his plan to cut taxes for corporations and the rich.

The animated song breaks down what Trump’s estimated $900 Million tax dodge could have paid for. Think Schoolhouse Rock meets The Resistance, where our voice of reason is an American Eagle who sings to a tiny President Donald Trump.

The tone of the video is comical, but the message is serious. By April 18th, we file our taxes. So let’s demand proof that our president paid his taxes as well.

View the video here:

YouTube video

The Tax March in Washington, D.C., will begin with a rally outside the U.S. Capitol before proceeding past the Trump International Hotel — a living embodiment of one of Trump’s biggest conflicts of interests — and the IRS building. Tens of thousands of Americans will also gather in more than 100 other cities across the country to demand that Trump immediately release his full returns and come clean with American people about his business dealings, financial entanglements, and myriad conflicts of interest.