WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 9, 2018 – Today, Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-13) introduced the Standardizing Testing and Accountability Before Large Elections Giving Electors Necessary Information for Unobstructed Selection (STABLE GENIUS) Act to require that all presidential candidates undergo a standardized medical examination and publically disclose its results before the election. Specifically, Boyle’s legislation would require candidates whom have won the presidential nomination of a political party to file a report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), as such candidates must do for a host of other campaign-related requirements, certifying that he or she has undergone medical examination by the medical office under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Navy and containing the results of the examination. All FEC filings are publically available online.

“The President believes he is a ‘stable genius.’ I do not,” said Congressman Boyle. “President Trump’s reckless, erratic behavior has exposed a critical flaw in our existing election process. Before voting for the highest office in the land, Americans have a right to know whether an individual has the physical and mental fitness to serve as President of the United States. While it is necessary to take the current President’s concerning behavior seriously and I support legislation to address these ongoing concerns, I believe we must also be proactive and do all we can to ensure a situation like this does not arise again.”
Boyle concluded, “My legislation provides a much needed safeguard to ensure that future presidential candidates meet the basic standards of a proper, uniform medical examination, and that this information is available to the American public before voting for the Office of the Presidency. While President Trump apparently considers himself a ‘stable genius,’ the American people deserve a thorough, standardized procedure to allow a medical professional to determine this.”

Congressman Boyle remains an outspoken defender of our democratic norms and leadership abroad, and holding the Trump Administration accountable to the American people. Boyle cosponsors H.Res.456, objecting to President Trump’s conduct in office, as well as legislation to require the president to disclose his taxes, disclose communications with the Russian government, and refrain from influencing U.S. policy toward Russia until the FBI’s investigation concludes. Additionally, Boyle cosponsors H.J.Res.120, legislation to prevent any president from pardoning himself or any member of his family, administration, or campaign staff. As co-chair of the Blue Collar Caucus, Congressman Boyle is fighting for economic opportunity for the middle class, and holding the President accountable for his promises to blue collar workers on labor protections, job security, outsourcing, trade, and manufacturing.