Jan. 24, 2017 – Michael Hoffmann, professor of entomology and a fellow at Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, says cancelling conferences such as the CDC’s Climate and Health Summit negates a democratic and transparent process essential to science.

Bio: https://entomology.cals.cornell.edu/people/michael-hoffmann

Hoffman says:“President Trump and his ‘climate change denier cabinet’ seem to be casting a dark cloud over at least one scientific community and putting at risk the well being of Americans.

“Climate change is real, it is caused by humans, and it poses risks to our health, our food, and our national security. The evidence is all around including more severe weather, forest fires and warming oceans.

“Major conferences such as CDC’s are critically important venues where the latest research developments are discussed and shared among scientists and with the public. It’s a democratic and transparent process essential to science. Putting constraints on our scientific community and the sharing of new knowledge intended for the public good – is frightening.”

Ronnie Coffman, professor of plant breeding and director of international programs of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, studies how plant pathogens affect future food supply in the context of climate change. He says canceling the CDC conference signals a concerning denial of climate change.

Bio: https://plbrgen.cals.cornell.edu/people/ronnie-coffman

Coffman says: “Cancellation of this major conference on climate and health, without explanation, is concerning. It signals denial of climate change at a time when we should be emphasizing science as a means of adapting to change and mitigating the impact on human health.”