Washington, DC May 17, 2017 – In response to reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has increased the number of arrests and dramatically increased the number of those arrested with no criminal history, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund issued the following statement:
“Secretary Kelly and ICE Director Thomas Homan claim they are targeting serious criminals when it is clear that they are targeting hard working immigrant families who are deeply rooted in America, most of whom are nowhere near a common sense definition of ‘serious criminal.’
DHS Secretary Kelly apparently thinks any violation of the law, no matter how minor or innocent, should lead to deportation banishment from one’s home and loved ones.  Driving without a license is used as a pretext for deportation. Re-entering the US to be with family is treated as a major crime. Using a fake document to get a job is called ‘criminal.’ We’re not talking about dangers to the public, we’re talking about people trying to work or rejoin their families.
These guys spin, distort, exaggerate, and dissemble almost as much as the President they work for. The false claims are aimed at providing cover for an agenda that calls for the deportation of millions. Instead of targeting serious criminals, they are targeting every immigrant they can get their hands on and calling all of them criminals.
Every responsible and well-led law enforcement agency in the nation prioritizes the use of resources, targets truly bad actors, and engages in public relations. ICE has the public relations bit down, but as a law enforcement agency it is far from responsible and well-led.”
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