WASHINGTON, May 15, 2020— The following is a joint statement from America’s Voice, Community Change Action, Families Belong Together, Immigration Hub, National Immigration Law Center Immigrant Justice Fund, Resilience Force, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and UnidosUS Action Fund on Vice President Joe Biden’s recent remarks on immigration during a televised interview:

The immigrant justice movement has been fighting for citizenship and to reform our enforcement system for years, working tirelessly to win legalization for the millions of undocumented people who are a key pillar of our economy, our families, and our communities.  

Last night, Vice President Biden committed to sending a bill to Congress that creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants on his first day in office. We will continue to organize to make Biden’s commitment a reality as we work to defeat Donald Trump in November.  

Immigrants are ensuring our survival and will be vital to our recovery from COVID-19. Millions of immigrants are keeping our healthcare system working, our farms and food deliveries flowing, caring for our parents and our children. They include the undocumented, DREAMers, TPS holders, asylum seekers, and refugees. There is no essential workforce without immigrants. We must recognize them as the Americans they already are and create an equitable path to citizenship.  

After four years of an administration that has relentlessly attacked immigrant families, we urgently need bold leadership in the White House that can unite all of us.