Washington, D.C. May 20, 2020 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Senate Homeland Security Committee voted on partisan lines to authorize a subpoena as part of the GOP-led investigation targeting former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter:

“Nearly 100,000 Americans have died from coronavirus, yet the GOP Senate is wasting precious time and taxpayer dollars smearing the President’s political rivals, while telling hungry families and laid-off workers to just ‘take a pause.’  

“Last week, the House passed The Heroes Act: honoring our heroic frontline workers with robust funding for state, local, tribal and territorial entities; funding a science-based path to safely opening the economy with testing, tracing, treatment and isolation; and putting more money in the pockets of workers.  Leader McConnell and the Senate GOP need to come to the negotiating table to help deliver the relief that families desperately need.

“Instead, these Republican subpoenas are a clear act of retaliation and political retribution intended to help the President keep his job.  It is sad that the GOP Senate has meekly and weakly chosen to be complicit in the President’s desperate and dangerous political tactics instead of passing legislation to save lives and livelihoods.

“I call upon Leader McConnell to ‘take a pause’ in the Senate GOP’s obstruction of meeting the needs of the American people.”