June 25, 2018 – On Friday, WLRN reported that the Archbishop of Miami joined Miami community leaders at a press conference focused on the next family separation crisis. If TPS is allowed to expire for over 300,000 immigrants legally working and contributing to our society, they could be forcibly separated from their more than 270,000 U.S.-citizen children.

You can read WLRN’s reporting on the press conference here.

You can find an excerpt of the article below:

More than 270,000 children have been born in the U.S. to TPS recipients in the last 30 years, according to the Center for Migration Studies. Now parents are facing a decision of whether to return to their home countries with their American-born children, leave them the children with relatives or guardians, or remain in the country illegally and risk deportation.

“Just as we were revolted at the sight of family break-ups at the border—and that only involved a number of several thousand people who had just been in this country a few days—imagine what would happen if these TPS recipients were obliged to leave this country and we’d have further break-up of families,” Thomas Wenski, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Diocese of Miami said at the forum Friday.