April 25, 2017 – As the first 100 days of President Donald Trump’s administration come to a close, Amnesty International has compiled a list of 100 ways the Trump administration has threatened human rights in the U.S. and around the world – sometimes succeeding, and sometimes being blocked by a powerful and growing resistance movement.

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Closing Borders and Shutting the Door to Refugees

1. Trump has stopped refugees from entering the U.S., trapping some in the violence they are attempting to flee:
2. The ban also demonizes refugees as criminals and supporters of terror:
3. And leaves 47,000 acutely vulnerable refugees stranded:
4. While causing a potential domino effect on refugee admissions around the world:
5. Children fleeing horrific violence in Central America will be at risk:
6. And women fleeing some of the world’s worst conflicts and highest levels of violence will bear a huge brunt:
7. As Iraqi interpreters are left stranded, too:
8. The U.S. is flouting its international commitments to protect refugees’ human rights:
9. And the Trump administration is slashing emergency funds for refugees:
10. And refugees in the U.S. who thought they had found safety are now – again – living in fear:
11. People fleeing violence are refused entry to the U.S.:
12. And it’s now even more dangerous to cross the U.S.-Mexico border:
13. People seeking asylum are being treated like criminals:
14. And it’s becoming even harder to even get the chance to ask for asylum:
15. While asylum remains difficult to obtain even for those who get to make their case:
16. Now smugglers are taking advantage of people’s desperation:
17. Trump has stripped non-citizens of Privacy Act protections, with profound implications for asylum-seekers:
18. Trump’s policies could trap 80,000 people—including families fleeing violence—in immigration detention:
19. The Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly threatened to separate families at the border:
20. The administration is declaring war on unaccompanied kids:
21. And their parents:
22. Which could conceivably lead to refugee camps at the southern border:
23. Trump’s proposed border wall will undermine the rights of indigenous communities and harm the environment:
24. While also blocking access to asylum:
25. And creating a symbol that emboldens other countries to close their borders:
26. Trump has handed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) more power without adequate oversight:
27. CBP’s increased discretion at the border also puts U.S. citizens at risk:
28. And has led to communities along the border being subjected to racially motivated stops and searches:
29. And now local police are being encouraged to act like the border patrol:
30. Trump’s travel ban executive orders (both of them) banning people from Muslim-majority countries tried to write bigotry into law:
31. Though it’s still dangerous to Fly While Muslim:
32. And families are being torn apart, despite the courts:
33. And students are being discouraged from studying in the U.S.:
34. And people cannot get the medical care they need:
35. As we’ve seen with Iran, the effect within our borders cannot be ignored:

Hate-Based Harassment and Violence

36. Fear and uncertainty for American Muslims continues, as the climate of hate persists and reported hate crimes increase:
37. The White House has downplayed reports of hate-based harassment and violence against Muslim, Jewish and other communities:

Emboldening – And Arming – Human Rights Abusers

38. Trump and his administration consistently ignore human rights abuses outside U.S. borders (in some cases, praising leaders) which could embolden human rights abusers around the world, like in Turkey:
39. And China:
40. And Egypt:
41. And Russia:
42. And Saudi Arabia:
43. And the Philippines:
44. Trump and his cabinet are also abandoning human rights defenders in their conversations with global leaders:
45. Like with Mexico:
46. And Peru:
47. And Palestine:
48. Trump is also arming human rights abusers by selling arms to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia:
49. And Nigeria:

Expanding Conflict and Driving Up the Number of Civilian Casualties Globally

50. Trump’s campaign call to “bomb the shit out of them” is translating into an expansion in military force:
51. It’s meant hundreds of civilians were killed by U.S.-led coalition air strikes in Mosul, Iraq in March:
52. And, in one of the deadliest strikes in years, on March 17, up to 150 people were reported killed:
53. More civilians were reported killed by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria in March than in any other month:
54. And as many as 10 Yemeni women and children were killed in a U.S. raid that Trump touted as a “success”:
55. While he authorizes expanded strikes in Somalia and rolls back civilian casualty protections:
56. Trump is also threatening cyberwar proliferation:
57. And an increased the risk of a nuclear arms race:
58. Also, the CIA is back in the killing business:

Cutting Funds to a World in Crisis

59. The Trump administration is trying to slash U.S. funding to the United Nations:
60. While capping support on UN peacekeeping:
61. And gutting diplomacy while increasing military spending:
62. The president’s proposed budget will leave African countries in the lurch:
63. His cuts to health funding threaten women’s health care globally:
64. All the while, dismissing international mechanisms and bodies:

A Cabinet Full of Human Rights Threats

65. With Jeff Sessions as Attorney General:
66. And Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State:
67. And Mike Pompeo as CIA Director:
68. And Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency Director:
69. And Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education:

Torture, Guantánamo, and Justice for the 9/11 Attacks

70. Trump is a president who supports torture:
71. And has considered re-starting CIA black sites:
72. As he continues indefinite detention without charge or fair trial for 41 individuals at Guantánamo:
73. While threatening to fill it up with new detainees:
74. And spreading fear and misinformation:
75. 9/11 victims’ family members continue to wait for justice, more than 15 years later:
76. As failed and unfair trials in military commissions continue:
77. And Attorney General Sessions floats the possibility of new military commissions:
78. Trump’s Justice Department is trying to block the truth about torture:
79. While those who authorized and carried out torture still have not been held accountable, and some are finding new roles in the administration:

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

80. Trump has trampled on the rights of Native Americans at Standing Rock:

Hostility Toward LGBT Rights

81. Trump repealed protections for transgender students:
82. And rescinded workplace protections for LGBT people:
83. The administration sent an anti-LGBT group to UN women’s rights conference:
84. While placing an anti-LGBT Head of Civil Rights Office at Health and Human Services:

Criminal Justice, Gun Violence and Policing

85. Trump and his attorney general’s dangerous rhetoric on criminal justice could become reality:
86. Trump has created new federal penalties for crimes against law enforcement officers:
87. While Session’s DOJ is questioning police reform agreements:
88. Also, Trump threatened to send ‘the Feds’ to Chicago:
89. And signaled he would rescind a previous order against the militarization of law enforcement:

Attempts to Dismantle Women’s Rights and Reproductive Freedoms

90. Trump has revoked workplace protections for women:
91. And also reinstated the Global Gag rule:
92. Trump’s actions will also likely cause an increase maternal death rates around the world: 
93. While curtailing reproductive rights in the U.S.:

Free Speech and Expression

94. Trump has been outright hostile toward those expressing dissent:
95. While labeling the media as “the enemy”:
96. And believing his free speech rights are more important than protestors’:

Rolling Back Critical Human Rights Protections

97. Trump is abandoning steps to address climate changes and its effect on human rights:
98. President Trump and Congress came too close to passing the American Health Care Act:
99. Trump has repealed rules meant to fight corruption:
100. And is threatening to ease regulations on use of conflict minerals: