“Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris on their inauguration. This new administration marks the beginning of a new era for transatlantic relations. The world needs a strong relationship between Europe and the United States.

“Working together, we can better tackle the challenges that we are faced with: the fight against climate change and the loss of biodiversity, responding to the digital transformation in a radically democratic way, and combating unacceptable and increasing inequalities.

“Despite the recent events in Washington and the growing challenges facing democracies around the world, I have faith in the US model of democracy and its institutions. However, these events remind us that democracies are fragile systems, in order for them to function they must be defended, by protecting the common good, and ensuring participation, transparency, and the involvement of citizens.

“Let us not forget that we face a world in a moment of profound change and increasing uncertainty. We still face the crisis of the pandemic, which we can only tackle effectively if we do so together. Therefore, I welcome the commitment of the United States to return to the World Health Organization and congratulate them on their commitment to re-enter the Paris Agreement, only together can we build a greener and fairer world.

“The EU and the US are natural partners, with shared values and history, a longstanding commitment to the rule of law, human rights and multilateralism. We look forward to meeting the new President and we invite him to come to the European Parliament to give a speech at our plenary session.”