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The ‘Equal-Opportunity Jerk’ Defense: Rudeness Can Obfuscate Gender Bias

March 8, 2022 – If you’re an “equal-opportunity jerk,” does that mean you can’t also be sexist? New research shows that many people think so—and consider men to be gender blind when they’re rude, condescending, and berating to women and men equally.  To highlight the common view that men aren’t deemed sexist when they’re rude […]

Posted inSci/Tech

Solving 21st-century problems requires skills that few are trained in, scientists find

Dec. 3, 2018 – From companies trying to resolve data security risks to coastal communities preparing for rising sea levels, solving modern problems requires teamwork that draws on a broad range of expertise and life experiences. Yet individuals receive little formal training to develop the skills that are vital to these collaborations. In a new […]