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Posted inCalifornia

Woodpecker Guides Post-Fire Forest Management

Ithaca, NY—What’s good for the Black-backed Woodpecker is good for restoration of burned California forests. The birds’ unique relationship with fire underpins the latest research into improved post-fire management. A study published in Ecological Applications describes a new tool that factors how fires burn into forest management decisions and turns science into action for wildlife conservation. “Wildfire […]

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2022 U.S. State of the Birds Report Reveals Widespread Losses of Birds in All Habitats – Except for One

Ithaca, NY—A newly released State of the Birds report for the United States reveals a tale of two trends, one hopeful, one dire. Long-term trends of waterfowl show strong increases where investments in wetland conservation have improved conditions for birds and people. But data show birds in the United States are declining overall in every […]

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Light Pollution Increasing Year-Round for Some Migrating Birds

Ithaca, NY—Nighttime light pollution levels are increasing the most in the southeastern United States, Mexico, and Central America—findings based on year-round data collected over the last two decades in the Western Hemisphere. This trend is a real concern for birds that fly at night during spring and fall migration and even during non-migratory seasons. Results […]

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Study: U.S. and Canada Have Lost More Than One in Four Birds in the Past 50 Years

September 19, 2019—A study published today in the journal Science reveals that since 1970, bird populations in the United States and Canada have declined by 29 percent, or almost 3 billion birds, signaling a widespread ecological crisis. The results show tremendous losses across diverse groups of birds and habitats—from iconic songsters such as meadowlarks to […]

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Study Names Top Cities Emitting Light that Endangers Migratory Birds

Ithaca, NY April 2, 2019 – An estimated 600 million birds die from building collisions every year in the United States. Scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have published new research highlighting artificial light at night as a contributing factor. They’ve ranked metropolitan areas where, due to a combination of light pollution and geography, birds are […]

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Celebrate Your Birds and 30 Years of Project FeederWatch

ITHACA, NY, Oct. 27, 2016 – One Northern Cardinal, Carolina Chickadee, or Tufted Titmouse at a time, Project FeederWatch participants are making new scientific discoveries possible. This long-running citizen-science project has amassed decades of information about winter feeder birds across the United States and Canada. The 30th season of FeederWatch kicks off on November 12. […]

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