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Berkeley Lab Mobilizes to Predict How Caldor Fire May Lead to Floods and Land Movement

October 21, 2021 – The Cosumnes River watershed is representative of many in California in that it extends from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Central Valley, providing water and recharging aquifers for municipal and agricultural regions, but unique in that it’s one of the last major rivers without a large-scale dam, enabling the […]

Posted inCalifornia

How California Wildfires Can Impact Water Availability

September 4, 2019 – In recent years, wildfires in the western United States have occurred with increasing frequency and scale. Climate change scenarios in California predict prolonged periods of drought with potential for conditions even more amenable to wildfires. The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide up to 70% of the state’s water resources, yet there is little […]

Posted inCalifornia

Berkeley Lab awarded $4.6 million for risk mitigation of natural gas storage and transmission

June 20, 2017 – The massive natural gas leak at Aliso Canyon shined a light on California’s aging natural gas infrastructure. And five years of extreme drought also exacted its toll on transmission pipelines. Now the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has been awarded $4.6 million by the California Energy Commission […]

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