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Jill Richardson: Many essential workers still aren’t vaccinated, not because they don’t want to be — it’s because they can’t get time off work

After getting vaccinated, I eagerly returned to some parts of normal life, expecting the essential workers I interacted with would be already vaccinated. After all, they became eligible for the vaccine before I did, and our county has one of the highest rates of vaccinations in the country. I was surprised when a few people […]

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Jill Richardson: The Time I Got Coffee With Hollywood Satanists

In the interest of stemming the QAnon conspiracy theories about Satanist pedophile rings in Hollywood, I’d like to share my experience with actual Satanists in Hollywood. The truth is so much more boring than the (completely false) conspiracy theories. It’s worth starting with the original Satanic panic of the 1980s. I recommend the account relayed in the podcast “You’re […]

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Jill Richardson: Reminder: Climate Change Was No Accident

May 16, 2019 – Years ago, tobacco companies discovered the link between their products and lung cancer. Did they warn their customers? No — they denied the link entirely, misleading the public for decades while killing their customers. Similarly, ExxonMobil scientists made startlingly accurate predictions about climate change as early as 1982 — and then […]

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Jill Richardson: The Year of ‘Post-Truth’

Dec. 21, 2016 – “Post-Truth.” The Oxford English Dictionary named this its word of the year for 2016. This was a year when campaign lies — most, though not all, coming out of the Donald’s mouth — were so numerous that fact checking became nearly impossible. Yes, each individual statement could be fact checked. But […]

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