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Posted inEnviro

Climate change increases extreme rainfall and the chance of floods

Climate experts warn that, without urgent action, climate change will continue to cause an increase in the intensity of extreme rainfall that can lead to severe flooding. An international research team have concluded that increases in extreme rainfall and associated flooding are projected to continue as global temperatures continue to rise. Efforts to limit warming […]

Posted inWorld

Climate change puts hundreds of coastal airports at risk of flooding

Scientists from Newcastle University modelled the risk of disruption to flight routes as a result of increasing flood risk from sea level rise. Publishing the findings in the journal Climate Risk Management, Professor Richard Dawson and Aaron Yesudian of Newcastle University’s School of Engineering analysed the location of more than 14,000 airports around the world and their exposure […]

Posted inSci/Tech

Archaeologists date earliest known human occupation of North America

A team led by Newcastle University, UK, used analysis of ancient coprolites – fossilised excrement – to identify that samples from one of the most famous ‘pre-Clovis’ sites at Paisley Caves, in Oregon, north America, contained human faecal biomarkers. Their results mean that archaeologists are able to confirm that the earliest known humans in the […]

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