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Robert Reich: Can Congress Really Use Insider Information to Trade Stocks? (VIDEO)

Members of Congress use privileged information to make money on the stock market, while they’re supposed to be working for you. Make no mistake, it’s legalized corruption. There’s no good reason for elected officials to trade individual stocks at all. Unless you have special insider knowledge, buying and selling individual stocks is a terrible way to get […]

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Robert Reich: Today’s jobs report reveals a striking thing: A large portion of the American Workforce is now effectively on strike.

October 8, 2021 – The U.S. added just 194,000 jobs in September, down from the 366,000 added in August and far below the million-plus in July (before the Delta variant took hold). This is being described in the media as a disappointment or a problem, but a closer look reveals something quite different.  We’re still […]

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Robert Reich: The Delta Variant and the Trumper Blame Game

As the highly contagious Delta variant surges, public health officials are trying to keep the focus on the urgent need for more vaccinations. But with increasing vehemence, Trump Republicans are falling back on their old game of deflecting attention by blaming immigrants crossing the southern border. Last week, Trump issued a characteristic charge: “ICYMI: “Thousands of COVID-positive migrants […]

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Robert Reich: How Bidenomics Unites America

March 15, 2021 – A quarter century ago, I and other members of Bill Clinton’s cabinet urged him to reject the Republican’s proposal to end welfare. It was too punitive, we said, subjecting poor Americans to deep and abiding poverty. But Clinton’s political advisers warned that unless he went along, he jeopardized his reelection. That […]

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Robert Reich: Trump’s Final Days: Who Stood Up to Him? (VIDEO)

December 2, 2020 – We always knew Trump would contest the election results. He’s spreading wilder and wilder conspiracy theories about non-existent voter fraud. Of course, these claims haven’t held up in court because there’s zero evidence. But the integrity of thousands of people responsible for maintaining American democracy is being tested as never before. […]

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