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Green Revolution Saved Over 100 Million Infant Lives in Developing World, Yet Could Go Further

December 17, 2020 – New research from the University of California San Diego shows that since modern crop varieties were introduced in the developing world starting in 1961, they have substantially reduced infant mortality, especially for male babies and among poor households. The study assessed mortality rates of more 600,000 children across 37 developing countries, […]

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Women’s Incomes Improve When Democrats Hold Public Office, Study Finds

October 8, 2020 – New research from the University of California San Diego reveals that Democratic control of state houses leads to substantial improvement in women’s incomes, wages and unemployment relative to men. The study, to be published in Legislative Studies Quarterly, finds that especially in the recent period of pronounced partisan polarization, Democratic house control […]

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Researchers Use Satellite Imaging to Map Groundwater Use in California’s Central Valley

October 1, 2020 – Researchers at the University of California San Diego report in a new study a way to improve groundwater monitoring by using a remote sensing technology (known as InSAR), in conjunction with climate and land cover data, to bridge gaps in the understanding of sustainable groundwater in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Their […]

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What does drought mean for endangered California salmon?

May 19, 2020 – Increased frequency and severity of droughts threatens California’s endangered salmon population—but pools that serve as drought refuges could make the difference between life and death for these vulnerable fish, according to a study by researchers from UC Berkeley and California Sea Grant. The research could help resource managers strategically protect and […]

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Loss of smell and taste validated as COVID-19 symptoms in patients with high recovery rate

April 14, 2020 – Loss of smell and taste has been anecdotally linked to COVID-19 infections. In a study published April 12, 2020 in the journal International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology, researchers at UC San Diego Health report the first empirical findings that strongly associate sensory loss with COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the […]

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Study identifies California cliffs at risk of collapse

Dec. 20, 2017 – The yellow warning signs that pepper coastal cliffs from northern California to the US-Mexico border may seem overly dramatic to the casual observer. But actively eroding cliffs make up the majority of the California coastline, and sudden landslides and collapses have caused injuries and several fatalities in recent years. In addition, […]

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A Third of the Internet is Under Attack

Nov. 3, 2017 – For the first time, researchers have carried out a large-scale analysis of victims of internet denial-of-service (DoS) attacks worldwide. And what they found is, in a phrase from their study, “an eye-opening statistic”. Spanning two years, from March 2015 to February 2017, the researchers found that about one-third of the IPv4 […]

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Exposure to Glyphosate, Chemical Found in Roundup, Increased 500 Per Cent Over 23 Years

Oct. 24, 2017 – Analyzing samples from a prospective study, University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers found that human exposure to glyphosate, a chemical widely found in weed killers, has increased approximately 500 percent since the introduction of genetically modified crops. “The data compares excretion levels of glyphosate and its metabolite aminomethylphosphonic […]