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Lessons from ‘The Blob’ will help us manage fisheries during future marine heatwaves

In early 2014, a great anomaly descended upon the seas: A patch of warm water that manifested in the Gulf of Alaska. Scientists called it “The Blob.” A strong El Niño prolonged this marine heatwave through 2016. It extended as far south as Baja California, Mexico, throwing marine ecosystems, weather patterns and fisheries into disarray. […]

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Marine research and conservation institutions band together to expand whale-saving technology to the San Francisco Bay

September 21, 2022 – Three weeks ago, the hearts of ocean scientists and whale lovers were broken when the body of California’s most popular humpback whale, known as “Fran,” washed ashore at Half Moon Bay, the victim of a ship strike that dislocated her skull from her spine and fractured her vertebrae. “For those of […]

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How the Earth is Changing

Climate change is a complicated phenomenon with a variety of both abrupt and gradual effects that scientists are working hard to uncover. Emerging findings on how various ecosystems are responding to a changing climate, stemming from long-term research conducted through the National Science Foundation’s 40-year-old Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program, have now been published in […]

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The Geological Society celebrates Tanya Atwater’s extraordinary career studying plate tectonics and sharing her enthusiasm for discovery

It’s a rare few scientists whose discoveries are so monumental that they leave an indelible mark upon society. Among them is UC Santa Barbara’s Tanya Atwater, who has watched her groundbreaking research transition into common knowledge. Now, the Geological Society of London has awarded Atwater the Wollaston Medal for her contribution to the theory of seafloor spreading and […]

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UC Santa Barbara geologists lead the effort to describe the devastating eruption in Tonga

On January 15, the volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai devastated the nation of Tonga. The eruption triggered tsunamis as far afield as the Caribbean and generated atmospheric waves that travelled around the globe several times. Meanwhile, the volcano’s plume shot gas and ash through the stratosphere into the lower mesosphere. Just two months after the eruption, […]

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Climate scientists reconsider the meaning and implications of drought in light of a changing world

Maps of the American West have featured ever darker shades of red over the past two decades. The colors illustrate the unprecedented drought blighting the region. In some areas, conditions have blown past severe and extreme drought into exceptional drought. But rather than add more superlatives to our descriptions, one group of scientists believes it’s […]

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The Frogs of Baja California

There’s a pandemic sweeping across the globe. No, not COVID, a different one. For decades, a brutal fungal infection has been decimating amphibians worldwide. “We call it a panzootic,” said Andrea Adams(link is external), an assistant researcher in the Earth Research Institute at UC Santa Barbara. “It’s like a pandemic, only with animals.” Scientists are hard […]

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Outwitting Omicron: UCSB Graduate student Zach Aralis develops a rapid test for the COVID-19 Omicron variant

Speed is everything in the race against COVID-19’s Omicron variant, the fastest version of the virus we’ve seen to date. Its dizzying rise to dominance in the United States threatens to overwhelm our already beleaguered healthcare system, as physicians across the country grapple with how to treat their mounting caseloads. But a new lab test […]

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UC Santa Barbara researchers investigate the combined effect of drought and fire on stream communities, highlighting the importance of headwaters

Life is water, and water is life. This truism certainly applies to the Pacific coast, where streams and rivers function as the region’s arteries. The water they carry fosters plant life and wildlife in Southern California’s Mediterranean climate. They provide sanctuary during droughts and often serve as the nexus for recovery after fires. Despite the […]

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Managing Water Resources in a Low-to-No-Snow Future

Mountain snowpacks around the world are in decline. And as the planet continues to warm, climate models forecast that snowpacks will shrink dramatically and possibly even disappear altogether on certain mountains, including in the western United States. A new study by researchers at several institutions, including UC Santa Barbara and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley […]

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Researchers investigate the factors that affected decisions to evacuate during and after the 2018 Montecito debris flow

A new study by UC Santa Barbara researchers speaks to the importance of public awareness programs in keeping residents — and emergency management offices — informed about rare but potentially lethal natural events in their area. The paper, co-authored by geology professor Ed Keller and colleagues Summer Gray, an assistant professor of environmental studies, Keith Clarke, a professor of […]

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Researchers reveal the growing threat extreme heat poses to urban populations

Between global warming and the urban heat island effect, many of the world’s cities are heating up. In fact, extreme heat already affects almost two billion urban residents worldwide, according to a new study led by former UC Santa Barbara graduate student Cascade Tuholske(link is external). The paper, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of […]

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Low oxygen levels are pushing fish into shallower waters, with potentially devastating impacts for fisheries, ecosystems

Fish can drown. While it may not seem like it, fish do require oxygen to breathe; it’s just that they get what they need from the oxygen dissolved in water rather than in the air. Too little oxygen spells trouble for our finned friends, which have to move or else suffer ill effects. Unfortunately, oxygen […]

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